What Top Job Candidates Want From a Company

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3rd August 2016
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8th August 2016

What Top Job Candidates Want From a Company

 Creating a company culture that is attractive to potential employees is a huge part of securing top job candidates.

Today’s job seekers are looking for several things of great importance — some traditional and some very modern.

Forward Thinking

While there is a great deal of appeal in an old-fashioned or long-standing company, not everything about the past was great. Today’s top job candidates expect their company to be forward-thinking and not relying on outdated teachings.

This can take many forms. Having the ability to work from home, when applicable, is a huge bonus to many prospective employees and can majorly cut down on a company’s bottom line. Assistance for working parents such as on-site nurseries are also a big attraction, if your company is able to afford it. Relaxation and workout facilities are also a trendy way to keep your employees functioning at their very best. In addition, the goals of your company should reach far into the future, exploring and employing new advances and technology as much as possible. These qualities show prospective employees that regardless of what your company does, it does it in a fresh and challenging way.

Fairness in Hiring

In most areas of the world there are laws in place which prevent discrimination in hiring, although the practice still lives on in a “hush-hush” manner. All minorities have experienced discrimination in some form or another over the years and employment is one of the last major holdouts for this kind of backward thinking. Show prospective employees that you are grounded firmly in the modern age by treating every potential employee with fairness.

Space to Grow

No potential employee — especially one with great credentials — wants to feel like the job they’re applying for is the last job that they’ll ever have. Even if they admire your company and want to stick around for a long time, they’ll want to know that there’s room for progression. This means very different things depending on the stature and type of your business, but it is a huge factor nonetheless. Regardless of what your business does or how big it is, you must create ways for employees to move up the career ladder. This may include on-the-job training, paying for further personal development education or simply the opportunity to move up based on stellar performance. Whatever route you choose to follow, make it widely known to lure in the most desirable job applicants.


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