Employee Investment

How Do You Identify The Talent You Need?

Maximising Your Employee Investment

It would be great if you could have an 'off the shelf' selection of talent to meet the needs of the company!

Since there's not,,, how do you identify the talent you need?

How do you recruit, retain and develop the talent you need to have competitive edge? How do you then get the individual engaged in the bigger picture thinking? We use leading edge tools to help you define what talent means to you as an organisation. We help you to identify what you must have for any given role and then take you through a process that will illuminate your employee's abilities, competencies and skill levels. Once you can see it, you know how to maximise it.

Step 1: Identify What You Have

We use tools that will identify the individual's or the team's strengths and areas that require development for the roles they fulfil.

We profile The Talents, The Values and Behaviours that will determine the levels of productivity, efficiency, success and profitability. We then help you to fine tune your corporate engine to perform the way your resources should.

Step 2: Develop What You Need

Career Evolution will allow you to take the Talent you have truly discovered and develop it into performance.

We say 'truly' because we find that clients tell us about a new level of authenticity in the process that Grow Your Co take you through. It's this form of employee engagement that helps them see the bigger picture. They gain an awareness of their own roles as well of that of their colleagues. The difference it makes when you have a fully engaged team is sometimes the only difference between success and failure.

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