19th August 2016

6 Ways Your Employee Engagement Survey can Enhance Talent Management

As the market slowly begins to return and employers cautiously add jobs, the buzz on the streets from the HR world is: When the gates are open, will your employees run? Are you prepared for the talent wars to begin? While even the strongest organisations may not be able to have 100% retention, you have something in your talent management toolbox to help prevent wandering eyes: an Employee Engagement Survey. It’s not just conducting the survey that will help you enhance talent management: it’s the insight that it can provide you with, and the subsequent actions you can and must take afterwards.   Identify the weak links –People don’t quit on their company. Instead, they quit their supervisor, typically citing incompatibility or dissatisfaction with their boss as the reason for leaving their position. Using the survey data to identify leaders who are at risk will allow you to provide training/coaching […]
17th August 2016

6 Ways To Eliminate Fear From Leadership

We all make mistakes and we all fail at times. It is how you respond to your mistakes and failures that will go a long way towards determining your success as a leader.  Fear-based leadership leads to a debilitating environment where trust is diminished, creativity and innovation are stifled and people become unwilling to speak up, take risks, or try new things. Ultimately, performance across the organisation will suffer if you do not eliminate fear from leadership.   Fear-filled leaders frequently withhold information in an effort to come across smarter or have more power than everyone else. The fearful leader also hoards control of resources and revenues, dispensing them sparingly to ensure that no one will have an opportunity to outperform them.  Leaders who question their own abilities, hide behind their title and a false sense of bureaucratic power.  These leaders have position authority but no relationship power with their […]
15th August 2016

9 Steps to Effective Problem Solving

We are faced with problems to solve every day of our lives, the large problems can be intimidating and the small problems can be mind-numbing. Either way, there is no avoiding these problems. You are in your leadership position, title or not, because you have the reputation for spotting and solving important problems while rallying others, and yourself to action. Every now and then however, a problem can sneak past even the best leaders and can cause a stir. Where do you begin and how can you help deter the issue from becoming an even bigger problem?   The best outcomes usually come from problems that are dealt with early on. Problems can be identified in the early stages if you make it a habit to frequently ask peers and team members how things are going and what challenges they are facing. Encourage others to provide information on problems as […]
12th August 2016

Promoting Innovation at Work

To keep up with the rapid evolution of practically every industry around the globe, you must promote innovation at work. It is important to encourage innovation in your employees so they may be of the greatest value to the business, even if your business is not involved directly in what is known to be a creative industry. Much can be done to promote innovation in the workplace but there are a few major ideas that stand out from the pack as being the most effective. Start with your company’s workplace culture. Is it laid back, easy-going, flexible, and fun? If this isn’t the case, then it is creating a huge impediment to workplace innovation. You should consider creating a more comfortable and fun workplace for employees by incorporating a casual dress code, more flexible scheduling, remote working options, team based competitions and fun days like costume days and bring your pet to […]


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