7 Reasons Why Your Employees May Have One Foot Out the Door

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5th August 2016
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7 Reasons Why Your Employees May Have One Foot Out the Door

Unless they have a very good reason to, employees don’t usually quit their job. Letting talented people slip through your fingers is not the best idea. Something that business owners often forget is that their company runs thanks to the tireless efforts of the workforce. It wouldn’t be a successful business without a good team.

Here are some of the top reasons why employees begin considering a career change:

  1. Can’t stand the manager

A supervisor can become to authoritative, hostile, unfair, arrogant or strict. People tend to walk away from bosses who are never pleased, fail to praise, make them feel uncomfortable and ask for too much without compensating for the efforts.

  1. Poor company culture or shift of values

People like to work in a friendly environment, where the same values are shared because they have a strong sense of belonging. When these things are missing or the core values drastically change, they can feel isolated and eventually walk out of the door.

  1. Negative co-workers, bad relationships, lousy environment

High competition, lack of proper communication and dominant figures create a terrible working environment. An employee has to feel relaxed in order to be productive and clique-y behaviour of co-workers will put them off and eventually drive them away.

  1. Limited opportunities

Skilled and enthusiastic people like to be challenged. They want to accomplish, set new goals, reach higher and develop themselves. If they feel like they have nothing to strive towards in a particular company or never get considered for a promotion, they will seek a different company that operates based on merit.

  1. Money makes the world go round

Many people will leave because they are or believe they are underpaid in their role. They would go to another company if they’re offered a better salary. They leave due to salary freezing policies, lack of bonuses, delays of payment or if they sense that there’s no financial stability.

  1. Self-employment

Not all self-employed people begin their start-ups right after college. They gain experience first and then leave. If the company doesn’t offer them challenging career opportunities, salaries and excellent working environments, they lose them even sooner.

  1. Exhausting hours

Most people will need to spend most hours of the day at work, but they also have a family, friends and other interests as well. They want humane rather than exhausting working hours.

Take a minute to think about the pulse of your staff and workplace. If you notice a several departures starting to occur, it may already be too late. Set up a healthy culture from the get-go, and it won’t be a problem.


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