6 Ways Your Employee Engagement Survey can Enhance Talent Management

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17th August 2016

6 Ways Your Employee Engagement Survey can Enhance Talent Management

As the market slowly begins to return and employers cautiously add jobs, the buzz on the streets from the HR world is: When the gates are open, will your employees run? Are you prepared for the talent wars to begin?

While even the strongest organisations may not be able to have 100% retention, you have something in your talent management toolbox to help prevent wandering eyes: an Employee Engagement Survey.

It’s not just conducting the survey that will help you enhance talent management: it’s the insight that it can provide you with, and the subsequent actions you can and must take afterwards.


  1. Identify the weak links –People don’t quit on their company. Instead, they quit their supervisor, typically citing incompatibility or dissatisfaction with their boss as the reason for leaving their position. Using the survey data to identify leaders who are at risk will allow you to provide training/coaching to help the leader identify employee concerns and improve the overall working environment. In your Employee Engagement Survey, employees rate their direct supervisor’s leadership skills, providing you with a mini report on each leader. This makes it easy to quickly identify those leaders in need of help, and those who have a solid, effective working relationship with their team members.
  2. Hold leaders accountable for improvements –Employees can sometimes indicate on their exit interviews that nothing ever changes. When a leader is in trouble, it’s easy to make an action plan. But to truly know if the leader’s improving or just giving lip service, you need quantifiable data. Your Employee Engagement Survey gives you just that: data from everyone involved on how the leader and team is improving, or not.
  3. Measure employee’s connection to the organization –There is a strong link between an employee’s faith in the organisation and how well they are connected with the organisations goals and future direction. If employees feel they don’t know where the company is headed, it will be hard to become motivated to help the company get there. Without understanding how their work matters within the organisation, employees can lose hope. Your Employee Engagement Survey will provide the company with a great opportunity to further share and reinforce the vision and help identify which departments or teams need to be reconnected to the company’s vision.
  4. Identify training and growth opportunities – In this tough economy, most organisations opportunities for advancement are slim. To keep employees engaged, organisations need to provide them with opportunities to develop new skills and grow technically. Adding questions about personal growth and development to your Employee Engagement Survey will help you identify employees perceptions about opportunities for growth within their current positions.
  5. Get a read on recognition and morale –Employees thrive on regular, on-going feedback and feeling that they’re valued by their organisation and leader. While performance reviews are good, they’re usually only completed once a year. In order to stay motivated and engaged, employees need positive reinforcements much more often than a performance review can offer. When you examine your Employee Engagement Survey results, you’ll be able to identify areas where recognition and motivation may be lacking. Motivation spreads like wildfire. Once an employee’s motivation starts to drop, it can be contagious. Identifying these pockets on your Employee Engagement Survey can help contain the flames.
  6. Attract New Talent –Your Employee Engagement Survey can help you not only retain the talent you currently have by improving your corporate culture but also attract new talent as well. Employees that love their job are usually not shy about spreading a positive word about your organisation. This is the best buzz a company can have for recruiting. This is one of the reasons we created our Award for Workplace Excellence, as it allows employers to proudly display their accomplishment on their websites, marketing materials and to use as a resource when recruiting.


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